Dempsey talked in Groningen with professors, entrepreneurs, administrators and Prince Constantijn. The renowned investor from Silicon Valley determined that there are many opportunities in the North. ,, But it is not easy to make something out of it. That is by the way nowhere. ”

Investor money means expertise

In the Netherlands, Groningen certainly represents something when we talk about startups. Dempsey did not know. What he did know is that they only know Amsterdam as a startup city in Silicon Valley. During his visit, the investor said that in the north of the Netherlands he believes there is too much government money and too little investor money. And precisely the source of the money makes the difference, according to Dempsey. With government money you gain control and with investor money expertise.

Sounds like a razor-sharp analysis of the man who now earned around 2.5 billion dollars with about 30 IPOs. Dempsey is among the top 100 successful investors and manages 11 investment funds in Silicon Valley. Nowadays he focuses more on smaller investments, where he can coach starters and students. In Groningen he was in Crowdynews and Imagine Run.

“For a starting entrepreneur you have to take the time,” Dempsey said. And taking time he meant about five to ten years. There must be room to make mistakes. Only then will you become a mature entrepreneur. And if all goes well, he told as an investor with instinct for entrepreneurship, a startup during the growth phase will get different insights and even shift the course of the company.

Build up a hasty business

Dempsey believes that young companies are vulnerable. ,, You can not guide them as an ordinary company ”, it sounds. ,, I see here in the Netherlands that a business is being built up too hastily. ” Mark Vletter was one of the entrepreneurs who spoke with Dempsey. “We lack experience in coaching and scaling up businesses and Dempsey has that expertise,” he says. “Dempsey will see if he can use his experience here.” “Vletter is happy with that:” He shakes people up and that’s good. Something like that can not happen often enough. ”

Whether the investor in Groningen has discovered a few gems he does not want to say. He was not here to invest, says Vletter. ,, But after the visit he undoubtedly has a picture of companies in which he could invest. ”

Vletter itself is certainly good at Dempsey. He remembers one clear person. ,, That telecom-guy, who is doing well for each other, everything in balance. ”