In my final installment for my angel investment series, I’m highlighting Therapydia. I invested in Therapydia a while back, but I didn’t truly appreciate what a great service it is until I was injured earlier this year while running the Boston Marathon.  Since then, I’ve been in physical therapy trying to get back to my regular running routine. Therapydia is upending physical therapy to focus on overall wellness.

This angel series is wrapping up as I also finalize my search for three entrepreneurs to join me in San Francisco for Neal’s Running Start program.  I’ll spend a month with three entrepreneurs helping them overcome challenges and push towards goals.  I’ll be making my final selections by November 27, so if you haven’t submitted and you’re interested, get in touch fast. You can get more information by emailing me at

Here is a look at my work with Therapydia.  And I’m not just an investor, I’m a client as you’ll see in the video.

And here’s a look at the entire series in case you missed it:

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