Hope you enjoyed last week’s episode where we talked about when a company is ready to go public.  This week, we’ll talk about investment bankers.

You cannot go public without investment bankers underwriting the process.  They are an absolute must.  In this video, I’ve taken a lighthearted approach to choosing your investment bankers, but understand that there are many factors to consider when choosing which firm is right for you.  You want to pick a firm that is savvy enough to see the long-term strategy of pricing the stock.  That’s more than I can cover in a 2 minute video, so we’ll focus on some quick, fun tips.  When you’re ready to go public, your current investors will most likely have strong opinions on which firm is right for you, and they’ll offer some good guidance, I’m sure.

For now, here’s a fun look in Episode 2:

And of course, if you want to watch all episodes at once, you can see them here:

Next time, we’ll talk about how to determine the valuation of your company when it goes public.