I was invited to speak recently about endurance in all aspects of life, from physical activities, to career to personal goals.  As a marathon runner and a venture capitalist, I guess I know a bit about enduring through difficult times.  But you don’t have to run a marathon or start a company to have fun and feel alive.  Pick any goal or challenge that scares you even a little and the doors of excitement and vitality will open for you.

As I speak about in the video below, you can expect three phases to happen when you start a new journey:

  1. Phase 1:  Desire.  You have to have a desire to do something – a desire to change.
  2. Phase 2:  Failure.  Yes, it’s going to happen.  Get ready.
  3. Phase 3:  Success.  But it may not look like you thought it would.

Watch the video below, and at the end, I gave a challenge to the people in the room.  I’ll give it to you too:

Think of a goal you want to reach.  Do you have it in your mind?  Write it down on a piece of paper and put that paper next to your bed, on the fridge, next to your computer or someplace where you’ll see it every day.

Now, make a commitment to take a first step towards that goal tonight.  Just one step, but get started right away.

Every time you see that piece of paper, remember the commitment you’ve made to yourself today and take another step towards your goal.



Let’s Go!