Just before the holidays began, I was fortunate to host a panel at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business on pivoting a company.  The discussion was about facing hard changes when the plans you had for your start-up aren’t working out as well as you’d hoped.  Every start-up I know has faced this issue.  Google pivoted many times.  So did Microsoft and Apple.  Every successful company has pivoted and if they’re smart, they continue to change as the market demands. It’s the only way to stay alive.  Learning the art of change and pivoting is critical to any company’s success.

The University of Washington was kind enough to record the session, so I wanted to share it here.  My other panelists are:

  • Chet Kapoor, CEO of Apigee
  • Joe Ruck, CEO of BoardVantage
  • Christopher Cabrera, Founder and CEO of Xactly
  • Professor Charles Hill of the Foster School of Business – moderator

If you’re facing a challenging time with your company and want to know how to successfully pivot, have a look.  I hope it’s helpful.  But let me know how you managed to turn things around in your company.  I’d love to hear it.

University of Washington Panel – Adapting for Growth