If you know me, you know I’m an adventurer.  A runner.  A sailor.  A climber.  In my first post, I talked about the importance of doing something that scares you.  My way of doing something that scares me is to embrace the unknown, whether it be sailing around the world, climbing the tallest peaks or running a marathon.

I’ve been running the Big Sur Marathon since its inception 27 years ago, having missed only one of the marathons because of an injury.  Big Sur is a beautiful area, full of wealth and opulence.  But what most people don’t realize is that the area is also home to many people in need.  Local people make the marathon happen, including the people who serve us in restaurants, clean our rooms and work the local farms.  They are often unseen behind the glamor of the area.

One year, I decided it was time to stop just showing up each year and taking what I could, and it was time to start giving back.  Since then, I have worked with the good people at the Big Sur Marathon to fund local charities, including programs for kids.  It’s been as much fun, if not more fun, than running the marathon along the beautiful and scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

For you adventurers who’d like to take up the challenge to run the marathon this Spring, now’s the time to get started.  Sign up, start training and maybe give back a little to this fine community.  Here is an article in the Big Sur Marathon Newsletter about my passion for the organization and how others can get involved.

Big Sur Marathon Newsletter

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